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Professional personal training service in Guildford, Surrey
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Interesting and effective kettle bell training now available!
Train with a fully qualified, fully insured professional athlete.
Train outside, or a professional and private gym!
Learn how to eat the right way, and lose inches!
Personally tailored programmes to suit individual needs.
Lose those extra pounds and get the figure you deserve!
Improve your health, fitness, shape and size with a fitness work out!
Train in pairs or groups for the most cost effective training!
Tone up your muscles and improve body strength!

Neil in trainingAlways wanted to lose weight tone up and improve your fitness levels? Training for a fun run, marathon or triathlon? Want to look great on a big holiday? Is your wedding day looming? No matter what the reason, NShape is here to help you get into the best shape you have ever been in. Each session is fantastic fun, and the prices are equally as enjoyable!

We use professional facilities at Christ's College, Guildford, GU1 1JY. Clients can choose from training in a private gym, or to take the equipment outside to train on the field; perfect for a summers evening!

You can also bring a friend of partner along and train together, splitting the cost. Alternatively, join in with one of our fun and effective group circuit training classes on Saturday morning's 10am - 11am for just £4.

Neil LiddiardNeil Liddiard studied his level 3 international diploma in advanced personal training with Premier Training, a leading health and fitness training provider. He has always had a love for the fitness industry and has spent all of his adult life working as a professional Ice hockey player representing clubs such as the Guildford Flames, Basingstoke Bison, Peterborough Pirates, and Adelaide Avalanche. Neil is a former British National League All-Star player, and has won Defenceman of the Year awards twice. He has represented Great Britain at the World Championships, totalling 22 senior caps and 13 junior caps. Neil has also had the honour of playing in front of her Majesty The Queen in an exciting game against Poprad, Slovakia. Her Majesty walked the red carpet into centre ice to drop the puck and start the game.

Neil uses his knowledge of sport and personal discipline to compliment his personal training. He enjoys nothing more than to keep fit and healthy and share his knowledge to help others maintain a healthy lifestyle and reach their goals. Neil loves to research new techniques and styles of training to keep himself and his clients motivated and interested.

Weight loss?
Losing weight is not easy!! If you have been wanting to lose those extra pounds or you have been dieting and working out with no results then NShape has the fitness plan for you. We care about you and your results and take pride in guiding and helping you through your weight loss program. Here at NShape we love nothing more than seeing the smile upon a happy clients face when they finally fit back into those old jeans from 20 years ago! We design our own unique programs for each client and closely monitor any health issues that may exist including communicating with your GP should it be necessary.

Muscle tone
Most people mistake the word tone for big. Toned muscles do not mean big muscles. Many clients are aiming for a fat free well proportioned body with no “wobbly bits”. This is exactly what muscle tone means and is in fact very achievable. Here at NShape we know exactly how to tone you up and have a number of fun and challenging work outs waiting for you. Say bye bye to those bingo wings!

Get Bigger!

Build muscle
Do you have a skinny frame and long to bulk up? No Fear! We will get you NShape!! Neil Liddiard the personal trainer here at NShape is a professional at bulking up ready for his Ice Hockey Season. He can teach you all the correct exercises to pile on the muscle in the right places and really build on your personal strength and power. Trained in kettle bells and VIPR Neil is not just certified but truly qualified to help shape the new you.

Eliminate Cellulite
Fed up with those orange peel thighs? Get training!! Some scientists believe that while cellulite is a predetermined genetic condition its appearance can be dramatically improved with the reduction of body fat. Did you know that 80 - 90% of the female population is believed to suffer this pesky dimpling. It is also believed that the hormones caused by a high stress lifestyle ( catecholamines) are associated with the evolution of cellulite - Good job exercising can relieve stress!

Good posture
Learning good posture is an invaluable tool as it can prevent unnecessary back, neck, knee and shoulder pain. Rest assured that during your training you will be learning the right exercises the right way.

Gym facilities

Improve your confidence
Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. Improve your health, fitness, shape and size and you can guarantee your confidence will soar!

Get Healthy
As a nation we are becoming overweight which is leading to a number of different health issues. Here at NShape we give you the support and education you need to use exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Got an event looming?
Have you got a holiday coming up where you will have to squeeze into the dreaded bikini? Is it your big wedding day and you need to fit into that dress or suit? Maybe it’s a party , sporting event or photo shoot. Whatever the reason NShape has the plan for you. Lets work together to reach your targets!

Field training

Pre Season Training
NShape offers a wide range of training ideas and circuit training sessions to anyone looking to get in peak physical and mental shape for an upcoming season. Offering big discounts on group bookings and competitive rates for individuals your team can’t afford not to get NShape!

One on one Training
One on one personal training sessions are an excellent way to get motivated to exercise. Your personal trainer will meet with you for a consultation discussing your requirements likes and dislikes. You will agree on a schedule together that best suits you and you will book in your first training session. All exercises will be specifically picked just for your needs and the personally tailored program will be yours to keep at the end of your time with NShape. Your trainer is always at hand to give you help and advice between sessions whether it be via telephone, email or even skype. We are there with you all the way!

Gym facilities

Training with a partner
It is a little daunting for some to train on their own and here at NShape we understand this all too well. That’s why our friendly personal trainer Neil will happily train two people at once for only £10 extra. For this reason it makes sense to bring a partner with you and split the costs. You will receive a consultation together to discuss your requirements. You will both be completing the same workout but depending on ability you may be working on separate difficulty levels. This ensures everybody is working to their full potential and getting the most from their time with us. Your trainer is always at hand to give you help and advice between sessions whether it be via telephone, email or even Skype. We are there with you all the way!

Circuit training
NShape is holding weekly group circuit training classes. This is a fun and effective way to lose weight, tone up and improve fitness levels. Our classes consist of short exercises, moving quickly from one to the next. Come along and join our circuit training classes at Christ's College, Guildford GU1 1JY. Every Saturday from 10-11am. All ages and abilities welcome. Price: £4 per person, pay as you go. No need to book.

Circuit Training

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Pre-season training
If you are an amateur to professional sports man or woman and are looking to get to the peak of your physical fitness in time for the start of a new season we will use the latest training techniques to tweak you to perfection. Neil Liddiard, the trainer at NShape is trained in kettlebells and VIPR’s and is now using suspension training to really maximise athletes potential. Your trainer is always at hand to give you help and advice between sessions whether it be via telephone, email or even skype. We are there with you all the way!! Please contact NShape for more details about how we can help you reach your best!

All sessions can be arranged at our private gym facility at the Sixth Form Centre, Christ's College, Guildford GU1 1JY.

It is recommended that a minimum of 3 sessions per week are required to reach satisfactory achievements in training.

  • Price: £25 per hour
  • Train with a partner and pay just £35 (that's £17.50 each)
  • Circuit Training £4

Payments can be made by cash or cheque. Cheques made payable to Neil Liddiard.

Neil Liddiard
Neil Liddiard
Neil Liddiard
  • Professional ice-hockey player with 22 caps for Great Britain
  • International diploma in advanced personal training
  • Level 3 certificate in advanced personal training (including nutritional advisor status)
  • Level 2 certificate in Gym instruction
  • Certificate in Emergency First Aid at work
  • Trained in kettle bells
  • Register of Exercise Professionals accredited
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